Urgent Help Needed/repost


2nd Monday morning edit and add repost: I had posted this last Monday, had several replies, conducted a couple interviews, hired someone who never bothered showing up for their first day Reposted this past weekend. Monday got a text 10 minutes before work start that the new hire wasn’t showing up because of ” a sick dog”. Went back to the list, had an on phone interview and what I thought was an eager candidate who didn’t even bother to text, just never showed up! If you applied last week, don’t try again, I deleted all responses aside from the few I have called. I will not reply if you are only seeking limited hours and can’t work at certain times. I will not call if you are looking for something to do until your pre covid job returns. I will not call if you are telling me you are qualified to be a rocket scientist but are after an entry level labor position, I don’t buy it.
Extremely busy scrap salvage/demolition business needs a helper ASAP. This is not picking scrap in the back alleys, but commercial level farmyard salvage. Hauling tractors, combines, etc. Some occasional heavy lifting, mostly just sitting at controls of a basic pickup style truck. Most of your day will be moving an average pickup truck around a yardsite and assisting in the operation of a mounted crane. Pulling a lever as directed and revving the engine mostly. Anyone with basic common sense and a valid class 5 can handle the job. I have had a 16 year old summer student do it and a 110lb soaking wet girl excel at it. Sadly, any good help I have found was always short term. Just lost my last helper to a callback to work at a business struggling with slowdowns due to covid. VERY generous pay, cash in hand every Friday. job open to everyone. Please apply with full name, age, and contact number. Responses without these will be ignored as well as resumes and anyone asking questions such as ” yo dude, what’s the pay” or ” is it still available” and nothing else. These details will be discussed in person. The right candidate can start tomorrow morning, I guess if you bother showing up that is.

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