Transgender looking for paid work


Hi, I am a highly skilled. as well as educated individual.
I am looking for someone that would pay me to do some house cleaning, or light duty yard work.
Not heavy stuff because it will interfere with my weight lifting training. I am also open to doing errands for you, whatever that may entail; we could negotiate.
I would like to be paid $20.00 per hour, seeing as I have cleaned rooms full to the ceiling; and only got paid in my oppinion, an insult to the degree of focus and drive I dedicated myself to those people and their problem.

I am open to other jobs, maybe some data entry; or filling out forms. I am even open-minded to being paid more than $20.00 per hour.

I wont’ be helping you put up a fence, or laying a pad of concrete. I’m a princess remember.
Not that I have not fought my way out of a riot, or totally rekt’ a 390 pound bloke; or ordered and had launched a thermonuclear missile.

I just want to be a princess now.

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