Students Wanted for Summer Jobs


If you are looking for a well-paid, fast paced summer job where you get to work outside under the sun, APPLY NOW! We are currently looking to fill our LAST 3 positions as painters on our team this summer. No experience in painting required! Majority of work is based out of St. Vital, Winnipeg.


-Starting pay of $14.00/15.00 based on experience, and make up to $25.00/hour! Hard-working individuals may be promoted to a Crew Chief to lead their own crew of painters!

-Working outside in a fast-paced environment – great chance to get a tan while learning the valuable skill of painting.

-Meet new people and become a part of a cohesive team! We hope to have some summer events based on Manitoba restrictions.

-Full time work from May-September (35-40 hours/week). Apply with your friends and work together as part of a crew!

-Looks great on a resume as you are working directly under myself, the owner!


-Full-time access to a vehicle to transport equipment. This is crucial!

-Ability to work on high ladders and roofs.

I look forward to seeing you working with us this summer!

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