seeking labourer – eavestrough cleaning


Labourer – eaves trough cleaning

We are a small local company that does residential and commercial eavestrough cleaning and other small jobs at heights. We are currently hiring labourers for eavestrough maintenance technician (eavestrough cleaner) for the spring season. The job entails navigating about Winnipeg doing small, mostly residential, exterior cleaning jobs.

Job Requirements:

• Must experience and be comfortable with, moving, setting up, and climbing ladders up to 35 ft.
• Must have fall arrest training.
• Must be hardworking and in good physical shape.
• Must be reliable and punctual.
• Must be capable of working unsupervised and personable towards clients and coworkers.
• No educational requirements. Basic understanding of small engine equipment is as asset.
• Drivers license, reliable work vehicle, and cell phone are good assets.

About the Job:

• Wage is $15-18/hr based on performance/experience.
• Working interview(tryout) is $15/hr with cash paid at the end of the day lasting 1-3 days.
• Work 30-35 hrs/wk on average weather permitting, fluctuating with the seasons.
• Pay is weekly or bi-weekly by cheque but daily cash advances are available.
• Opportunity to advance to crew lead position. Working independently wage increases to $25/hr.

Please send resume or description of your qualifications to:

As there are few positions, only the most qualified individuals will be contacted. There will be a short phone interview followed by a working interview(try-out) to test adeptness to the job.

Thanks for your time. Stay healthy!

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