Remote Fishing Outpost Manager


Couple for 4 star Northern Manitoba remote fly-in outpost

Camp Managers – Maintains boats & Motors. Camp equipment -Diesel Generator – fuel & oil changes
Other camp equipment – water system, plumbing, propane & electrical.
Camp Cook – 2 meals a day Breakfast & Dlnner – make sandwich materials available to fisherman.
Camp inventories. 4x week clean cabins, change bedding. Wash bedding &other items.

Our Lodge is considered by many as Northern Canada’s finest fishing destination with access to the Canadian Grand Slam. Our lodge and outposts are limited in size to ensure guests a one-of-a-kind experience. Trips generally run 7 days with some 4 day trips.
One manager should be someone who is an experienced handy man who can identify and correct mechanical and management issues. The other manager should be experienced in cleaning, cooking meals and deserts. Both applicants must have good people skills and enjoy hosting others.

The company is a family owned and managed operation. This outpost camp has 3 guest cabins and holds 8-12 on average. Spring and summer is fishing trips, Fall fishing and Eco trips. May 30 – Sept. 25 with a break in-between. Salary commensurate with experience, generous gratuities.

Please send resume to – &.
Further info needed – text 352-816-6187