Pool Cleaner


Cabana Pool Service

Job description

Title of the position
Pool Cleaner

Starting Wage
$15 – $18/hr
(plus mileage and seasonal bonus)


Reports to
Heather (office manager)

Overall responsibility maintain swimming pools and hot tubs on a weekly basis

Key area of responsibility
• Perform water testing
• Add chemicals based on test results
• Vacuum pool
• Clean strainer baskets
• Keep pool area clean and tidy
• Clean vinyl, steps, ladders, diving board
• Document activities on daily log sheets
• Perform general maintenance on equipment, backwash filters, check plugs and plumbing for leaks
Consult with
• Operations manager
• Administrative office staff
• All levels of management
Term of employment
• Full time Seasonal
• Strong sense of customer service
• Good organizational skills
• Able to work unsupervised
• Own vehicle required
• Valid Drivers licence
• Cell phone
Conditions of Employment
• Must pay for any traffic tickets (speeding etc) if using company vehicle

We are looking for someone who is honest, reliable, has good work ethics, shows up to work on time, does not miss work. If you think you fit this criteria and are looking for the summer job please call 204-654-3455 or email to heather_cabana@live.com.

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