$87.00 Driving & Engine Performance Monitor About the size of a key fob, A great way to keep track of your vehicle’s performance and its driver

Installation 1 Plug it in. 2 Drive 3 Download the data.

PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE TOOL TO LOWER COSTS. – RECORDS UP TO 300 HOURS OF DATA, before overwriting oldest trip data with new data. – Log any 4 out of 23 possible engine parameters that affect operation, emissions, and fuel economy. – Detecting malfunctions early by taking the guesswork out of diagnosing problems. – View the freeze-frame sensor readings with separate graphs and summary reports. – View and Reset engine Diagnostic Trouble Codes(DTC) when the Check Engine Light comes on. – Monitor your oxygen sensors, to keep an eye on the Catalytic Converters, to maintain top fuel economy and performance. – Helps to keep your vehicles in peak running condition.

DRIVER MONITORING TO SEE HOW YOUR VEHICLE IS BEING DRIVEN. – Assign trips individually as: business, commute or personal. – Lets you set audible alarms for: speed, hard braking, and quick acceleration. – Summaries and graphs show: when, for how long, and the number of times thresholds were exceeded.

FACTS FOR INSURANCE CLAIMS. – Automatically logs the last 20 seconds of data before a crash. – Tracks time, date, and distance traveled for each trip. – Records speed every second, – so, if the insurance company says you were speeding, show the reoprt – or the police radar says you were speeding, you can show them the facts.

PERFORMANCE – Sees gas mileage – You can copy the data to spreadsheets for further analysis – View Idle times – See Distance traveled – Able to diagnose which part is failing