I need a full time job


Hi , I am Sajjad and I have 32 years old ! I lived in Ontario in Toronto around 2/5 years and I graduated from Marketing at Seneca College! I am in Winnipeg now and I need to a job for working around 1 years or more for using Manitoba PNP ! I have a car . I have experience in alot general works for example: general labour and customer service in Tim Hortons and Manpower company! Working in bakery and some a couple of months in constructions ! Also I worked in our college in libraries and admin assistant in offices in our college! I have 7 years experience for working in hospital in my country in laboratory because I have master degree in biochemistry in my country! I looking for job in shops or stores for customer service or general labour or delivery services! Also I can work in office the same administrative! Please let me know if you need! Seriously inquiries please!!! I have resume and I can send! My phone: 6476553006 , email: Sajad.shafaei@rocketmail.com . Best Regards!

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