Hiring Snow shovelling crews – with your own vehicle and crew


We are a snow removal company who hires on extra members to our team every year since we expand.

We are looking for those whom are only seriously interested in having a side job whenever it snows.


– Must be available on call when we know snow is falling so we can send the crews out when it stops

– Must be dedicated and a hard worker – Physical labor job, must be prepared to workout for a solid 8-10 hours straight

– If you have asthma, or any troubles with breathing this job is not for you.

– If you have heart problems this job is not for you – Must have a working vehicle, license and insurance.

– Must have smart phone, able to send pictures/texts frequently to the owner if needed under certain circumstances

– Must have or be able to purchase a solid working shovel and ice scraper (home depot & Canadian Tire sells them both if you do not have)

– Benefit if you workout lots and/or play sports, you would be able to last longer and do more properties *Get paid more if you have a snow blower. We are a serious company, we have over 500 houses residentially every season.

We are only looking for organized and experienced individuals.

Serious workers only