General Labour-Female (Food Processing)


– Primary duties include processing chicken parts for the food industry. Includes readying, assembling, cooking, cooling and packing of product.
– Must be able to stand on her/his feet for 8 hours a day in a room that has to be 10 C or less.
– Must be able to push tubs weighing 30 – 40 pounds on a wagon and lift onto a table.
– Must be able to stand at a table for a period of four hours laying out chicken or folding chicken pieces.
– Must be able to lift 20 – 25 kg bags, hold them steady and pour slowly into a bin.
– Must be able to lift and steady 16 L pails of water and pour them into the machines.
– Must be able to bend to fill sifter with flour, straighten up and twist to dump into bin.
– Must be capable of following HACCP rules which involves the sanitary processing of chicken products.
– Must be able to read, write and communicate fluently in English in order to learn HACCP training.
– Must handle raw chicken pieces during the assembly process.
– Must be able to handle constant cold temperatures of 10 C or less.
– Must transport raw materials, finished products and packaging materials,
– Must be able to measure and dump ingredients into hoppers of mixing and grinding machines or mobile tank trucks
– Removes filled containers from conveyors
– Manually packs goods into bags and boxes or other containers
– Cleans work areas and equipment
– Feeds and unloads processing machines

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