Building our A – Team. Do You Actually Have What It Takes


So pick a good movie: Avengers, Mission Impossible, Fast & Furious, Seal Team Six. They had a carefully selected team of folks with very specific skillsets.

Yes, a movie analogy was just made but this ad is not a joke. What you have here is a local company that is looking to grow to first dominate the market in Winnipeg then grow throughout Canada. There is a great opportunity here but it is much larger than one person. In fact, Canadians spend over $55 billion a year on this service as stated by a reputable Toronto market research firm.

Now on to you: Have you always known that you want something bigger than yourself? Do you want to be part of a story where you look back 5, 6 years down the road to that one day you made the decision, “i’m in” and say you made a good decision?

Make no mistake, there’s a lot of work to do but the opportunities are really great. Even better is that you get to wake up doing what it is that you’re actually good at.

Looking for people with the following skills and can prove it:

– Marketing – Sales (if you have never had to do d2d then this might not apply to you) – Admin/ service – Residential construction (especially in some form of supervisory or management role)

I welcome all respondents and will be meeting with each of you but only after determining that you are actually up to the task. If you are though, you get a chance to get some equity in this thing we’re building as an A-Team.

Your mission should you accept, is to provide with the following information and you will be contacted by phone:

– Name – Phone number – Your specific skill as stated above (and how long you’ve had that experience) – What it is you want out of this after 5 years

Looking forward to hearing from you. Just to be clear, this is not for everyone so if you’re not ready to take a chance on yourself, you do not need to respond.

Looking forward to meeting you: The powerhouse on the A-Team!