Health Coach


RESPONSIBILITIES: • Hold weekly one-on-one appointments with patients/clients to support their progression through the four phases of the Protocol; • Listen to patient/client concerns and provide customized solutions; • Coordinate and facilitate group events such as educational seminars, open houses, cooking classes and so on, to be able to attract and/or engage new patients/clients to the protocol; • Respond to inquiries from potential, current, and past patients/clients; • Develop and implement referral program(s); • Manage patients/clients appointments, files, and communications; • Manage inventory, orders and financial reports; • Maintain knowledge and expertise through various developmental tools; • Build and cultivate networks within the clinic/center and with local healthcare providers; • Foster brand visibility and create online community via social media; REQUIREMENTS: • Strong motivation to help others; • Places a high priority on patient/client satisfaction; • Attentive and receptive to what others are saying; • Excellent communication skills and client-oriented; • Highly organized and ability to coordinate resources; • Is proactive and able to work without constant direction.