Professional Livestreamer — Work From Home during covid


I have a unique opportunity that pays anywhere from $640/month to $40,000/month. It all depends on how much time and effort you put into it.
In search of creative people who love to work from home and be their own boss!
This position is terrific for anyone who likes to perform: chefs, tarot card readers, personal trainers, singers, dancers, guitar players, video gamers, or anyone with a special talent. However, some of our top hosts just chat with their viewers while they fold laundry or read their favorite books aloud.
This is perfect for you if:
* you love to be your own boss! this position requires you to go live 30 hours per month (with a maximum of 2 hour counted towards the 30 per day) . you get what you put into it! if you strive for higher tiers and higher-income then it’s recommended you go live more often and for longer. our hosts are making anywhere from $640/month to $40,000/month. 

* you love to travel and create your own schedule! you can go live from anywhere in the world at any time! 

* you want to grow your other social media followings! countless YouTubers, influencers, actors, and musicians grow their other pages with the support of BIGO live members

* you love talking to people! being a social butterfly is a great advantage in this environment! 

If you’re interested:
* download the BIGO live app and watch some streams to better understand how it works (if you see anything that wouldn’t be allowed to be broadcast on IG live, please report it!)

* set up your profile: add photos, change your ID from numbers (ex. ID1345679) to something that’s easier for viewers to find (ex. goldengoddess101)

* email me or text me once your account is made and send us a screenshot of your profile so we can get you set up for an ‘audition’ — this audition will be a live stream for 20 minutes that the admins of the app watch to make sure you are an appropriate host to represent BIGO :)

Keep in mind, although this position is an exciting, fun position, thousands of people depend on BIGO as their main source of income. As aforementioned, you get what you put into it. For many, this starts as a side hustle and turns into a full-time position.
Founder of Manifest Agency

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