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Job Description:For the past 11 years, BackStretch Recruitment Group has been a hiring partner for companies in growth and we are excited to add a Partner to the team. If you are someone with a clear proficiency and love for recruitment, want to control where / how / why you work, and want the back end and people support you need to be an entrepreneur, read on. To date – we have completed 1,000+ hires, worked hard at creating exclusive relationships such as our recent success with Certn (80+ hires in the past 7 months together as they raised 43 million) and believe in our hearts that recruitment, done right, is one of the most rewarding professions out there. The reality is two partners have driven the business here – and we need your help. *** this position is fully remote *** Who you are: You are someone who has developed a career in hiring – you have experience under your belt that has built confidence in delivering and ready to take a leap in working when and where you want. You have thought about working for yourself and have respect for those who do. You know you have the skills and ability to, yet also want great technology behind you and a team to lean on and share successes with at the end of day or week. Over 11 years – we have worked hard on the technology, systems, and relationships to allow you to be an entrepreneur with the support and systems you need. What’s in it for you:Flexibility – work where you want, when you want, and how you wantFinancials – uncapped earnings, highest % breakdown in industry, and profit sharing model based on years in businessFocus – no quotas / no sales targets / no pressure – this is a supportive and respectful environment where the only metric is doing it rightBandwidth – it is difficult to control work flow when you are on your own. Now you have a team with you so book that nice vacation for a month and know your clients are supportedSystems – you have the systems you require already in place – from LinkedIn Recruiter account, to a marketing engine set up, to an industry leading Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) in place – this really is plug and playCompetency – You are going to work with two Partners who know what they are doing and take pride in doing in right – 30 years of experience, 2,500+ hires, and 8,000+ interviews to date What you bring to the table:You’re a recruitment professional with 3 + years of experienceYou have proven yourself at every stage of your career and ready be in an entrepreneurial environmentPride yourself on doing it right, even when no one is watchingYou treat your team with respect and professionalism, no matter what Why partner with BackStretch Recruitment Group?We have the team, tools, and methodology you need to truly step into a “plug and play” entrepreneurial environment to excel in all things recruitmentTeam – you are aligning with two partners with the experience and credibility that fosters long term relationships and trustTools – We have an industry leading Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) which is combined with Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) to ensure we can intelligently navigate all things recruitment and executive searchMethodology – no quotas / no budgets / no pressure – we are doing this because we want to align with the best and do what we love This position is a priority and we are keen on speaking with individuals immediately – please send a resume (no cover letter required) asap.Company Description:BackStretch partners with companies that want to hire! Utilizing the best marketing tools in recruitment, experience of 2,000+ hires, and a seamless technology portal – this is the easiest and most enjoyable way to build your teams. Job ID: 45707394
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