Marketing Software & Subscription Sales Agent Required–$16/hr+


A great opportunity to earn immediate sales AND on-going residual income, based upon the services offered by a 23 year old company

First things first, and this is important:

  • Do you have basic to intermediate telephone, social media, and e-mail skills?
  • Are you of an entrepreneurial mindset with a proactive attitude?
  • Do you enjoy and excel at business networking events?
  • Are you reluctant calling anyone for any reason?

If you answered 3 yeses and 1 no (in that order) this may just workout for you.

Our PREMIER Lead Generation Tool is our monthly Digest, spawned from a meager 8-page ugly as heck black and white newsletter to a full 32-page monthly digital publication. Whats more, the monthly digest features many ancillary benefits and features, not typically found in traditional magazines, even current digital offerings of legacy publications.

And why do businesses large and small enjoy reading this publication?

  • The articles are well-written, to-the-point, and very quick and easy to comprehend
  • Our readers learn something they can take home and use for their business
  • Tested, proven, yet highly unknown marketing products are featured

Are their additional products or services we offer and support? Yes!

  • Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services for B2B entities only (no consumer)
  • Social-media, Email, and Database Marketing/Data Acquisition and Management
  • Website and Landing Page Design, Hosting and Promotional Services
  • Ghostwriting, Editing, Print, and Content Creation Services
  • Outsourcing Placement and Management Services

The Lead Generation Digest promotes and supports ALL the above-mentioned services!

Who is this opportunity best suited for?

  • You might have real estate, life insurance or mortgage brokerage sales experience
  • Perhaps you drove a route truck, constantly meeting people along the way
  • Early retirement made you realize your mind is becoming dormant
  • You like to talk, period; – and you dont mind a challenge

How do we help you succeed!

  • We provide you with relevant leads, and lots of them, in addition to ancillary information services
  • We provide proven, commercially available lead generation and sales fulfillment software
  • We provide unfettered access to all the support and assistance you might ever need
  • We provide condensed, easily comprehended training; – much like the Digest!

Care to know more?
Contact Scott or Al at 1-888-494-7355 or
The Lead Generation Digest is your premier monthly collection of low-cost yet proven lead-generation and appointment-setting concepts; – all easy to implement, easy to maintain, yet affordable to launch.  Whether you’re trying to feed your multinational sales force with new prospects, or own a home-based, part time side-gig looking for a few new customers, the Lead Generation Digest brings it all to one relevant source.View original article here Source