Marketing Sales Support



Job Description:This is a full-time position primarily responsible for the overall marketing strategy to support both external and internal customers. This position requires teamwork, technical skill to create and manage marketing assets, perform external communications, and execute projects and events. An ideal candidate will be able to work effectively as a team and independently in their role, with a desire to learn and develop their skills. If you are interested in a career in the wood processing and joinery world, and if you love to exchange knowledge and putting stakeholders together, you would be a great resource for us and our community. Role and ResponsibilitiesDevelop and implement marketing strategies, brand strengthening opportunitiesUpkeep sales libraries and assets, including audio, video, pictures, printReview and analyze business data to maximize and execute Knowledge and connect opportunitiesConnect external and internal audienceCommunicate effectively to attract new clients and support existing clientsManage social media, influencers, and sales campaignsIdentify and offer digestible content and experience to audienceSupport Sales and Operations team on all marketing and product support assetsMaximize effectiveness of events and trips with marketing strategiesManage master calendar of events; investigate future event opportunitiesManage and execute social media strategies including influencers and promotional campaignsDevelop and share sales and market intelligence using logistics and dataManage marketing projects with internal or external resourcesSource, select, and manage projects, with budgeted external resourcesOrganize events and trips; develop marketing opportunities to maximize effectivenessIdentify, develop, create, update, organize, and manage all communication and sales support assets, including sales documents, proposals, renders, brochures, pictures, videos, product labels, manuals, instructions, documents, and drawingsManage, organize, prepare, reuse, investigate, procure tools to perform proper required tasksSupport other team members such as the Company Executive Officer and Company Operations Officer on company level projects, meetings, and communicationsProvide product support, educational opportunities, and marketing strategies to grow and develop business practices and workflowStorytelling Job ID: 29696264
Rangate North Woodworking Solutions

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