In-House Personal Trainer & Nutrition consultant



Job Description:In-House Personal Trainer & Nutrition consultant Movement Food Inc. is looking for an in-house personal trainer to take care of our growing workforce’s health and fitness needs. With an unpredictable global health climate, maintaining our work standards and staff’s wellbeing is an utmost priority. Are you a qualified and experienced personal trainer, who thrives on making others fitter, stronger and healthier? As part of our wellness team, you would be responsible for scheduling and guiding our staff through booked, sixty-minute workouts, designed to keep our workforce fit and healthy. Flexibility on location throughout the downtown Vancouver area is a must; workouts will be held outside and also remotely from the comfort of our staff’s own homes. And that’s not all. We are looking for a personal trainer who has experience in delivering meal plans to a variety of clientele. Whether it’s for summer cuts or winter bulks, we want a team member who is skilled in the art of nutritional programming, as well as exercise prescription. Your expertise in the health and fitness industry means we will be working with you to create meal plans that cater for healthy, active lifestyles. Movement Food Inc. is also looking to expand into the podcasting space. Do you have podcasting experience, whether it be hosting, or production? Do you understand the ins and outs of the virtual world, from Zoom training sessions to setting your audio levels and camera angles? We have a guest list ready to go, featuring key influencers in our space, who we’d love to chat to on our show. If you can demonstrate that you have expertise in the podcasting world, we would love to see your portfolio and see how we can work together to create our Movement Food podcast. Key Responsibilities • Instruct staff members on safe exercising technique, utilising a mixture of bodyweight, dumbbell and kettlebell resistance modalities. •Develop personalised training programs for staff members to follow in between scheduled sessions. •Construct healthy meal plans that give break downs on macronutrients and protein:carb:fat ratios. •Host and/or produce our podcast to be distributed via digital platforms •Conduct service appointments and fitness assessments to gauge where our staff are currently at on their health and fitness journeys. •Continually monitor and assist members to ensure proper form is used when performing exercises. •Be responsible for registering members into virtual classes and booking outdoor sessions. •Be competent in holding focus pads for boxing and kickboxing workouts. •Represent Movement Food Inc. with punctuality and professionalism. •Strong attention to detail•Dependability and a “yes” attitude and willingness to learn. •Great hand-eye coordination Qualifications • Proof of Personal Training certification • Current Emergency First Aid and CPR Level A Certificate •Podcasting portfolio or demonstrable social media expertise • High level of English language proficiency • Passionate about fitness and helping others achieving their fitness goals • Strong leadership skills, with ability to motivate and influence people • Self-driven and self-starting attitude • Committed to delivering exceptional service What We Offer •Competitive Salary (45k-60k per year, depending on experience level) •Complimentary Movement Food membership and meals •Positive and health-focused work environment If you think you’ve got what it takes to join our amazing team, we would love to hear from you! Job ID: 8059852

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