Hairstylist/Barber Chair rental – Poco Boutique salon


Established 4 Chair Salon in Port Coquitlam has chairs available for rent!

I am also open to discussing employment opportunities for the right person if chair rental is not ideal for you.

About the shop:

• Grow Conscious Hair Company is an inclusive salon that has been in business coming up on 13 years with a positive reputation in our community

•Everybody contributes and has different strengths. We are growing while experiencing being human; not every day is great. What you see is what you get with this team and that’s mostly great most of the time

• Cozy yet spacious in the layout. Our clients/staff feel safe and love the energy and environment:
“I love working at Grow because there’s a strong sense of community that even the clients pick up and it just creates a really good vibe and makes it enjoyable to be there” Xenia, Stylist

•Being green is important to us, we do our part to reduce our carbon footprint on this planet and we carry retail product lines that share the same values (Kevin Murphy, AG, Olaplex). We are a Green Circle Salon and divert the majority of our waste from landfills

• Short staff Meetings monthly to stay connected and communicate

•We are all very busy and run our businesses individually, while respecting eachother and our shared space and working together as a team
“Katrina and her crew at Grow are the best kind of people! Katrina is not only the best stylist/colourist out there, but she and her team are community focused and committed to leaving the smallest environmental foot print possible. They are a fun bunch, but very attentive to their clients and their specific needs. There are always experiences to share with therapy, tears and laughter a common by product! We come to be pampered and leave refreshed. I cannot imagine a more positive environment in which to work” Heather, Client

About you:

• You are passionate about what you do and take pride in your work

•You are a mature and capable team player with a healthy mindset

• You are honest, reliable, considerate and open minded and add value to those around you

•You are looking for a long term space to rent and call home on a small but awesome team in a clean and comfortable salon

• You share our belief in being green, and if not, you are ready to adopt it – this is non negotiable

•You are a good human with goals and a vision for how you want to grow and maintain your success in your business and in life

About me:

• My mindset is that it’s about more than just the hair. I am all about human connection and knowing people’s stories and lived experiences. This has been a major part of my love and success in this industry and in life

•My vision has always been to have a clean, positive and safe environment for my team and all of our guests to be themselves and come as they are. A clean and healthy environment makes for a happier and safer space

• Clear communication is one of the main keys to success and I welcome feedback as a tool to grow. I have been doing this a long time and I also know that I have room to grow and improve my leadership

•I am passionate about supporting and making a difference for others to succeed in business and in my personal relationships

• Giving back is important to me and in doing so, I create even more amazing connections with like minded individuals. It also makes me feel like I can be a part of making our community an even better place to live/work in. I currently have the honor of my second term on the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion roundtable in Port Coquitlam

•I am passionate about education and personal development and am a former Kevin Murphy educator

• I am a person of integrity. I am firm but fair and always look out for the best interest of everybody around me, which makes me a reliable person to do business with. I will hold myself accountable and expect the same from you.

Maybe you are looking to take the leap into self-employment for the first time? Don’t hesitate, I am willing to help you get organized and confident to take that leap, you just have to be willing to do the work and I promise you will create success with us

The cost of rent can be discussed depending on your schedule and what you are looking for, we have both Part time and Full time options which include your EI remittances (yes these are mandatory in our industry despite being a contractor – Ask me more about this if this is new to you)

I want you to choose Grow Conscious Hair Company because your values match ours, you are looking for a supportive environment to grow your business, and you feel that you have something to add to our culture. If all of these things are a fit then lets connect!

If you are still reading this still, thank you for your time! If you think you may be a fit for our team, drop me a line AND share this with your networks because you never know who you know who might know someone we want to know.

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