Fractional Sales Management – Hot New Market



Job Description:Join the fast-growing sales consulting area for fractional sales managers. salesQB has tapped a new market in the sales consulting arena. We deliver part-time sales management services to small and mid-sized companies. Ideal prospects for our services are clients where the owner is serving as the sales manager, there is no current sales manager, there is an underperforming sales manager, or where a salesperson is doubling as the sales manager. For a fraction of what a client would pay for a quality sales management employee, we provide a highly skilled, part-time sales manager. Our salesQBs work with clients to create a “proven and repeatable” sales process, create a workable pipeline model, leverage technology tools, including CRM, coach the sales staff, and then manage the process on a long-term contract basis. If you agree with our premise that sales management is a high-skill position and cannot be filled by just anyone, keep reading. Experienced salespeople, sales trainers, and sales consultants can excel at outsourced sales management. You can earn excellent money helping companies improve their sales performance. Ideal candidates will:Possess a strong knowledge of sales, sales techniques, and sales management.Have an understanding of a structured sales training system such as Sandler, Dale Carnegie, DEI, or another comparable system.Have an excellent track record of sales/sales management success.Have a strong desire to make what they are worth.Desire independance, and autonomy.Thrive on helping businesses grow by sharing their expertise. We are looking for both full-time salesQBs and existing consultants looking for contract work. If you are a seasoned sales professional searching for a job that fully utilizes your skills, salesQB is for you. There is no out-of-town travel. Please note that we offer both full-time employment and a license opportunity to create a salesQB practice of your own. Employees have no obligation to consider the license. There is no cost associated with employment. You can learn more about our company at Want to learn more without applying? Visit Company Description:CEO Focus is a consulting & coaching organization providing peer group advisory boards, private coaching sessions, and business analysis to small and medium-sized businesses. If you are an experienced business owner, entrepreneur, consultant or executive, this is your dream job! Earn excellent money performing a job that you can feel proud of. Control your own destiny while helping other business owners improve their organizational and personal effectiveness. Job ID: 9751037

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