Female for reality webTV. No exp needed. All looks considered.


This project is in the formative stages. We will do some brainstorming to come up with ideas for episodes.

Some ideas would be for you to be a sort of roaming reporter, who might walk around the city and make commentary on whatever you see. This might include interviewing someone sometimes.

Or maybe interview or interact with someone else at an indoor location, talking about something that interests you both. This would be improv chat.

Or maybe do some cold reads, like an actress trying out a script or a character. You could read a script right through, playing all of the characters perhaps. Or concentrate on what would be just your character, doing some scenes over and over, with different interpretations of your character each time.

Or you could maybe be at an indoor or outdoor setting, sitting, just relating some experiences you have had. Maybe about past boyfriends, roommates or jobs you have had. Or about your present job, and someone who works there, and what it is like to work there.

You might be in a public place relating some of this, and then if an interesting character walks by, or some kind of distraction happens, you can go off topic and talk about that.

Basically, just do or say anything that might be interesting to a viewer. And of course a costume or some kind of character outfit would help a lot. This might include wigs, and a modest attempt to look like a celebrity.

You might tell some jokes (which you can get from the net….nice clean jokes) or do some comedy of your own. If you can sing or dance or do some other talent, or demonstrate some athletic skill you have, that might be done too.

You could play the whole thing as a character you create. All ideas considered.

I am thinking of someone in their 20’s because that is age range of people who most watch this soft of stuff.

I am an experienced filmmaker with pro equipment.

Pay to be discussed. For the first shoot it will be modest pay, but still worthwhile for you. The pics here are from the net, put here to get more views. You don’t have to look like the pics.