Cannabis Sales Consultant


We are quickly expanding to be the largest Direct Sales cannabis accessories business across the country and we want you to join our team. Mary Jay is a platform to help budding entrepreneurs successfully run their own business in the growing Cannabis industry. By hosting parties or events with friends to learn about and try different cannabis products and accessories you will be able to earn a commission on each sale you make and a commission on the sales of the consultants you recruit to your team. We make it easy for you to become your own boss, work on your own schedule, with no inventory necessary or large upfront overhead costs.

You’ll get $20 per Sales Exec you recruit on a recurring monthly basis (that’s $240 annually for subscribing one friend). 15% commission on each sale you make, 10% commission on team sales, 5% commission on 3rd tier in-direct sales, and 2% on 4th tier in-direct sales.

Let me know if you’re interested!