Assistant Directress – Primary


About Mia Montessori Academy

Mia Montessori Academy is a learning environment true to Maria Montessori’s philosophy. We are one of 5 AMI-accredited Member Schools in the Greater Vancouver Region, and the only one in Richmond. We have Primary and Elementary classrooms and support the diverse needs of the community for children aged 2.5 – 12 years of age.

All our teachers are AMI Diploma holders who participate in on-going professional development and mentorship to ensure that they are engaged in reflective practice to maintain the highest level of authenticity.

Canada is a very diverse country, the Greater Vancouver region in particular welcoming individuals from China, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Japan, Latin America and Europe to name just a few. Consequently, the families at our school are from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds and our school, in both leadership and faculty, serves these needs through awareness, respect and encouragement of these diverse backgrounds.

The Role of Assistant Directress

CURRICULUM PLANNING AND CONTROL (In cooperation with (and/or deference to) the Lead Directress) • Responsible for the conduct of the Montessori classroom, including the maintenance of discipline. This is to be achieved by working in accordance with Mia Montessori Academy’s discipline policy; • In cooperation with the Lead Directress, to execute follow-up to monthly plans and goals that are consistent with the approved curriculum. It is imperative that the child receives follow-up presentations of materials, that are initially introduced and presented by the Lead Directress, as progression is seen, so that the child is at a level that s/he is capable of, rather than materials at random as that leaves gaps in the child’s learning; • per consultation with Lead Directress and administration, may be granted the lead role on certain groups of children for initial presentations; • remain aware of the classroom environment when delivering any follow-up presentations, and not have his or her back to the classroom as they may need to interact with other students at any moment during the day; • work with the Lead Directress to plan and execute field trips and other special classroom events that reflect the philosophy of the school, including its multicultural focus; • provide instruction that is consistent with the principles of the Montessori Method of Education (as recognized by the Association of Montessori Internationale) to the Primary school children assigned to her/his care; • strive to provide new and challenging follow-up activities as needed; • strive to provide only activities that are consistent with AMI principles, continuing the initial presentation received by the Lead Directress, and not have materials outside of the curriculum for more than 2 weeks, even if they are transitional materials, to help settle in a new child; • participate in professional development activities which may include workshops, curriculum development, retreats, meetings, assessments, and other professional pursuits. At times may be requested to provide a written summary of professional days to inform co-workers and parents; • accept observations, feedback and suggestions from the Lead Directress, Head of School and/or Administrator.

ADMINISTRATION AND RECORD KEEPING (In cooperation with (and/or deference to) the Lead Directress) • maintain and have for use in the classroom, attendance and daily sign-in sheets for children enrolled; • maintain classroom records for each student, as they may be required to administer emergency treatment; • maintain a record of all accidents and emergencies, inform the Administrator or Head of School of these occurrences as soon as possible; • maintain current attendance records and file all associated notices; • maintain accurate records of each student’s academic and social development*; • liaise with other teachers about student progress for report cards*; • complete a daily log of follow-up presentations made to the children. This will be kept in a binder and available for review by the Head of School or Administrator at any time; • maintain a record of all parent communications to be given to the Head of School or Administrator for review and to be kept in the student’s file; • maintain the ‘Incident Book’; • maintain awareness of all currently legislated regulations and guidelines pertaining to the school as may be set forth in the Child Care Regulations and ensure compliance; • attend parent evenings and open houses scheduled throughout the year; • participate in the admissions process, speaking and assisting with the screening of visiting students. Be willing to have scheduled classroom observation time for prospective families, and other visiting professionals; • update copy of the inventory of all equipment and furnishings assigned to the learning environment. It will be kept on file and be updated and submitted before the last day of school; • assess the needs of the class and prepare requests for materials, furnishings, and supplies within the framework of the budgeting process and submit to the Head of School or Administrator; • assist in the proper control of the Society’s and School’s records.

*A consideration made for the Assistant Directress position is that he or she will be responsible for follow-up presentations, not initial presentations (which fall under the responsibilities of the Lead Directress). This consideration also implies that the Lead Directress will be responsible for Student Reports, which take the Assistant Directress’ valued input into account).

PARENT COMMUNICATIONS (In cooperation with (and/or deference to) the Lead Directress) • develop and maintain open and direct communication with all families; • communicate, in person or by telephone, with parents whenever necessary and maintain a record of the issues, concerns and proposed actions addressed; • execute, in-person, parent-teacher conferences twice each year; • support class observations for each family twice each year; • attend and be present at Parent Education workshops up to five times per year; • encourage parents to participate in school events.

WORKING RELATIONSHIP and SCHOOL CULTURE • assist in the development and maintenance of a positive working atmosphere for students, society members, co-workers and volunteers; • ensure all students are treated fairly and equally; • immediately notify the Heads of School or Administrator of any and all difficulties that may arise with any co-worker, staff member, student, parent or volunteer; • protect the privacy of the students, parents, volunteers and Society members; • attend staff meetings and keep abreast of upcoming events; • model integrity, curiosity, responsibility, creativity and respect for all persons as well as an appreciation for ethnic, cultural, gender issues and diversity

The Ideal Candidate possesses the following

Experience • 5+ years’ experience in a Montessori Primary classroom, in a Directress role, working with 20+ children aged 2.5 – 6 years of age. Other experience includes, but is not limited to, communication with parents, working with other teachers in a harmonious environment and preparing Montessori materials. • Global experience in a Montessori classroom in at least two different countries • Experience with administrative work relating to student’s development

Key skills • Ability to adapt and respond to challenging environments • Ability to build and maintain positive relationships within a school environment – with faculty and parents • Ability to observe, discern and respond to the needs of the students in the classroom environment • Strong fluency in English and basic proficiency in at least one other language to support communication with and encouragement of the diversity of the school

Education • 5+ years of post-secondary education, including Bachelor of Education degree • Masters degree preferred • AMI Montessori Diploma for children aged 2.5 – 6 years old