Work for kidazzler doing data entry


If you are looking to help build a kid-friendly directory doing a simple search for a kid friendly business at no cost, earning up to $4800 a month, then look no further. You are not responsible for selling or cold calling, you are only responsible for checking if a business has been locked into someone else’s name by searching for phone number. If they are you move onto the next one, if not you keep on going and enter the business title, address postal code / zip code. This is only available in Canada and US for now. The email address and web site are optional, however if you want to get paid quicker it is best to find a kid friendly business that has a web site and email address. The company will be doing heavy email marketing so if you have that it will help you get paid and the company get paid quicker. Also the kidazzler advertising is only $29 a month which makes it reasonable for a small to medium size business toe be a paid member. Once the company does become a paid member you get $10 a month. You get paid when the company gets paid. If you sign up a friend under your code and the business your friend locks in becomes a paid member you get paid $2 a month. If their friends of friends sign up you get any where from $0.25 cents to $1.00. This is the revenue sharing business. The company wants to build a community for all things kids / parents. The company could have hired temporary workers and then release them after the directory was built up but decided to do it the right way and build a community. If you have any questions feel free to email me.