Use your Cube Vans and Pick up trucks to make money!


What’s the job like ?

It’s simple ! You use your Cuba Van or Pick Up truck to deliver packages for JAMA as a way of earning extra money to move you closer to your goals

If you have driven for Amazon or have any past delivery experience it is a huge PLUS !

You will need a smartphone, a vehicle you are insured to operate, drivers’ license; 18 years old or over.


Roll down your windows and drive.
Delivering packages means you have the freedom to really be yourself. When you’re on the road with JAMA, there are no passengers. Listen to your favorite music or podcast while you work. You own the delivery experience. make full use of your Cube vans!!

Stay active.
As a delivery partner, you’re in and out of your vehicle, and actively engaged in delivering smiles to happy customers. It’s a driving gig that keeps you on your feet.

Explore your city
Drive around and become a trip advisor to your friends. You’ll see something new everyday.

Benefits ?

Earning : Whether you’re saving up for something big or you just want to make some extra money, most van drivers earn $20-22 an hour*, which will get you there faster. And you can maximize your earnings by taking instant offers when you find a little extra time throughout your day.
Tips : Yes please!Earn extra money with the tips go straight in your pocket.
Bonus : Complete 100 rides within 30 days and get a $ 100 bonus, Get $ 15 for every friend you refer to be a rider when your friend completes 20 rides

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