Student looking for part-time job


I have interpersonal skills, time management skills, cleaning skills, computer skills, I am customer service oriented, I’m patient, organized, responsible, and I’m willing to learn.

My interpersonal skills come from being in many social situations such as going to school, being in various school clubs, hanging out with friends, and being in the community. I had to learn to communicate with others in order to feel comfortable.

My time management skills come from being able to balance between school, family/friends, extracurricular activities, and homework. I am always able to figure out what is important and when it is important.

I am customer service oriented and have computer skills because when I was in CyberSeniors I had to teach seniors how to file share, how to use a smartphone, how to be safe online, and how to send photos through E-Mail. CyberSeniors is a library program that connects seniors to youth that can teach them various computer skills.

I have cleaning skills and I am organized because when I worked at the Canadian National Exhibition I had to clean the washrooms, paper pick the floors, and carry a push cart to pick up garbage. Also when I worked as a Co-app Student I had to clean the handles of the stores and also sweep the floor.

I’m willing to learn because every time I’m presented with a new job or volunteer opportunity, I’m able to listen to directions and follow them thoroughly.

Thanks for reading

You could get to me easier by calling or texting me at 647-617-7237.

Here is a link to my resume for your viewing. References can be provided upon request.

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