Seeking Electrical Engineer to Build an LED Panel



My name is Kevin, from the GTA, and I’m looking for an Electrical Engineer (Student, Graduate, P. Eng).

I’m looking to compensate someone who can help me build a high watt LED panel. The light will be used for an experimental analog photographic process that has an emulsion that is very low in sensitivity to light (so I need lots of light).

The goal is to build a light panel that is 1200-1400 watts (not equivalent).
Some examples are the Arri Skypanel s-360-c and the CreamSource SpaceX.

Over on youtube, I discovered today someone used 4000 LEDs (strips) at 1000 watts to make a DIY led light panel.

I would love to pay someone to build this with in a way that’s safe and durable (properly wired/constructed and uses heatsinks/some sort of active cooling respectively). The only difference is I would need the light be DMX controllable so I can select colors/color temperature.

Well, thanks for reading all of this.
Have a good weekend.
Be well.

Best Regards,
Kevin H.

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