Roofer – Flat Roofer Service Technician




This standard procedure establishes and describes the essential function, authority, duties, responsibilities, job requirements, and performance criteria of the Service Technician for Dominion Roofing.


The basic function of the Service Technician is to ensure the smooth operation and timely completion of all work issued to the service department and given to the Service Tech from flat roofing co-ordinator. The Service Technician ensures that proper materials are taken out of the warehouse for each job, timecards are done up and written after each job and all work is completed in a timely manner with the best quality.


Reports to: New Work Service Manager


The Service Technician is selected by the Operations Manager and Flat roofing Coordinator and is delegated sufficient authority to accomplish the responsibilities, duties, goals and objectives that have been established for this position. The Service Technician is accountable to the Flat Roofing Coordinator of Dominion Roofing.


The primary responsibilities and duties of the Service Technician consist of, but are not limited to, the following: Review the scope of work to avoid confusion on the job site. Safety, material handling and installation of flat roofing products. Safety, material handling and installation of sheet metal flashing products. Inspection of work during installation to ensure proper protection is in place, following all Dominion Roofing safety procedures. Document any safety issues and bring them to the attention of the Flat Roofing Coordinator. Verify the right material is being used and proper installation techniques as per Dominion Roofing standards. All Safety training up to date f there are any outstanding production issues on site you must notify the Flat Roofing Coordinator. Maintain vehicle records, ensure logbooks are updated, maintenance of vehicles is scheduled and all Dominion vehicles are clean and exceed the Dominion standard. Promote Dominion Roofing image through the exercise of sound and ethical business practices in dealing with customers. Ensure that customers’ expectations are being met and maintain goodwill for future business.


Make decisions in a timely manner. Demonstrate good judgment in investigating and solving problems. Safeguard the confidentiality of customers, company and employee information. Provide backup information to related positions. Take all opinions and suggestions under advisement before making decisions of major proportion, while assuming full weight of the decisions themselves. Maintain a cooperative working relationship with customers and the entire staff. Handle difficult situations tactfully. Consistently show the ability to recognize and deal with priorities. Meet deadlines for time-sensitive activities. Recognize both the strengths and the areas that need development in your department, taking action to augment the one and to offset or correct the other. Complete all obligations; do what has been committed. Maintain a well-groomed, professional appearance appropriate for the position and the situation.


All duties and responsibilities are performed on time and in a satisfactory manner.All production / service targets and safety audits are achieved and or exceeded. All orders are timely and accurate. All reports are prepared and returned to the Service Manager daily Coordinates and works well with the other functional positions of the company. Company policies and procedures are adhered to. Maintains a cooperative relationship with all customers, employees and staff. Recognizes and performs duties which need to be performed although not directly assigned. Performs all duties in an independent manner with minimal direction and supervision.

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