PLEASE HELP! Offering reward!!!!


Offering $100 cash
This is probably gonna sound really stupid but here we go…
My name is Carolina and I was riding my pennyboard (small skateboard) on lakeshore close to the lake where that small beach near amsterdam brewery is and I tripped up and it actually fell into the water… I tried reaching in and grabbing it but it sank to fast…
Here’s the thing.. it’s actually my bfs skateboard & he’s had it for 12 years and it has a lot of sentimental value.. I feel like the worst person & if I could swim I would have jumped in & grabbed it but I can’t. I tried getting the workers nearby to help & they gave me one of those lifeguard nets and I tried to scoop it out but it sank to the bottom and I can’t see it. I called the city and they said they can’t really help unless divers will be practicing in the area & they gave me a number to call on Monday but they said they may or may not help.. they said sometimes they retrieve things for people and other times not
Basically I’m asking if anyone can swim and is willing to jump in & get it back for me. The guy on the phone said skateboards fall in there all the time & it’s a heavy board so he said it will be in the same spot & won’t have moved & the net touches the bottom so I know it’s not super deep…
If anyone can please help me I’m willing to pay you $100 cash. I’m a student or I would offer you more but it’s all I can do. If you’re a good swimmer I don’t think it’ll take more then 10 minutes.
You would be doing me the biggest favour. Even the fact that I came here to post this shows how desperate I am..
Thank you in advance if anyone can helps.
My number is 6479665251

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