My name is sera, I am a very warm, loving, dependable person.

I have worked with children for over 5 years, ages 5 months to teenagers.

I am very patient, compassionate and always willing to help.

Some of my responsibilities are,
creating a nurturing safe environment, changing diapers, feeding, taking the kids out to the park and creating activities that help encourage learning.

My approach to childcare is gentle, I believe in being kind and understanding a child’s needs and giving them a healthy happy environment to feel heard and seen.

I am looking for as family that shares similar values, I am looking for a full time long term position were I can eventually become like an extended family.

I am taking covid precautions and I am very health conscious, I do not drive however I bike at the moment, but I also live close to a subway line(I haven’t used the subway since march) however it could be an alternate mode of transportation for days when I cannot bike.

I am very interested. if you are interested in speaking with me, you can email me at or by text at
902- 402-6127 then we can schedule a time to talk.

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