Make Money From Home as a Livestreamer


If you want to make money at home from live streaming on your mobile phone, BIGO LIVE is the perfect app for you. In order to be paid by the app itself, you need to be a “host” and the only way to become a host is to be under one of the BIGO agencies. The thing that is special about BIGO is that ANYONE can become a live streamer. You don’t have to look or act a certain way and can stream whatever you want!

There are many agencies on BIGO, but unlike most agencies, Shaky G&E is unique as we try to individually help our hosts every step of the way in an organized manner. Some hosts have reported that most of the agencies they have been in do not help their hosts individually and provide the information that they need in order to succeed. Most agencies will forget about their hosts after recruitment but we value quality over quantity and do things differently so we can help each of our hosts grow on the app and make as much as you can as it also benefits the agency.

What to stream:
You can stream absolutely anything on the app as long as it doesn’t go against BIGO’s policies. You don’t have to be a singer, dancer, or actor (if you are, that’s great too!) in order to live stream. You can do yoga, tarot readings, cooking, gaming, or just hang out and meet new people while doing your hours!

How much hosts earn:
Hosts on their first month earn about $640-$840 (US dollars) a month but once they get used to the app and learn more about it, there is more money that can be made. We have seen hosts go from making $700 a month to $2000 consistently per month. The top BIGO hosts make up to $25,000 (US dollars) each month.

With Shaky G&E, we can almost guarantee that all of our hosts can meet the minimum quota and get paid the first month as long as they put in the effort and do their required hours.

Send us an email if you are interested and looking to make some money on the side at home! We can get on the phone with you to talk more about this opportunity and what it means to be a host and if you are interested, we can help set up an audition for you!

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