Lucrative Virtual Sales Reps Opportunity to Represent us


No Cold Calling Needed
We will teach you how to generate 5-15 Appointments every single week.

We will give you Full Access to our LinkedIn-on-demand in-depth Training and 24/7 Team Support in order to succeed.

Important points about this position – ***(Please Read Very Carefully)***

-You are looking for a Full-Time Position (Full-Time Sales Reps… don’t apply if you are looking for 3-4 hours gig).
-No Cold Calling needed – We will train you to fill-up your Calendar with prospects straight from LinkedIn and close them on zoom calls.
-You can easily make up to $2000 to $4000 USD a month.
-This is a 100% commission-based position, Top-Producing Sales Reps love Commissions because they can strive for more. Fake and lazy Sales Reps desperately look for a small salary, Go work at Mcdonalds, We don’t need you.
-You are awesome on the phone.
-You can easily make $600 to $800 USD a week if you are ready to grind and follow-up like All-Star Salesperson.

*** Don’t apply:

If your Self-Discipline and Time management is all over the place.
If your English Language is not fluent and articulate.
If you have another job and trying to balance it with this job, This is a Full-time position (We are looking for long term Partners, your target shouldn’t be less than $2000 USD a month.
If your internet is slow – don’t apply.

Finally, Book your Zoom pre-screening interview here /

We will answer all your questions and get you access to the LinkedIn Training Materials right away.

Book your Zoom pre-screening interview here /

We don’t respond to emails – Just book a call

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