Looking for Professional Seamstress



We are looking for a seamstress and a team to grow and develop with. We are a small, well-known company that is steadily growing. Our workload is moderate to small (1-50). I prefer working with a seamstress who is mobile, because we will be able to meet at specific locations for delivery and pickup. I will pre-cut the fabric (or use a fabric and pattern if you prefer). Usually, samples and pictures of what the garment should look like are given, along with a timeframe. As an example, two weeks to two months to finish a certain number of jackets or shirts. There will be months when I need 30 jackets made, and then there will be months when I need 10 t-shirts. I’d like to pay per garment.

I have attached pictures of garments we might be making. Let me know what you think and if this job is suitable for you. Please respond with your rates, name and number.

Have a wonderful week.

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