Labourer With Common Sense Available Sunday


Experience doing:
Demo – 3 years
Moving – 3 years
Interlock – 9 seasons
I am best at excavating by hand (wheelbarrow, spade, flat shovel, pick and a bin). Doing anything from trenches and window wells to waterproofing, pins, patios and anything else you can think of. (I only invoice piece work for digging)
Also have experience doing decks, fences, sod, grading, carpentry, underpinning and a few other things.
I show up, have a great attitude, work my ass off and take pride in my work. I wake up tomorrow at 7 am. I usually have a 25 / hr minimum or invoice as piece work but will take what I can get.
I can also guide unskilled labourers, work unsupervised and work long hours.
If you are interested contact me at +14372860927

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