Im a Reliable Labourer/Helper Ready for Work!


* You may contact me at (647) 745-9952, or by replying to this ad. Thank you! *
If you need a strong, hardworking, reliable individual for any jobs around your house or on a job-site – Then i’m the one you should call!
My name is Brandon. I’m 28 years old and I’ve been doing this kind of work, with this ad, for a little over 7 years now and I can proudly ensure to all that there is no job that’s TOO BIG or TOO MUCH for ME to handle!
Im physically and mentally prepared to perform safely and efficiently on any job – with efficiency and guaranteed satisfaction.
Much of my experience includes the many aspects of the following:
– Commercial and Residential renovations
– Demolition
– Landscaping
– Job Site / Home Clean ups
– Personal Errands / General Assistance
Please be able to provide the tools and equipment that the work will require, and I will put forth 110% of my efforts to completing it with guaranteed satisfaction!
*Please keep in mind that even though I am a dedicated and experienced laborer, I am NOT a professional in anything specific:
I am a general labourer / assistant / helper. *
I work for cash only and I must be paid at the end of each work day.
My hourly rate is between $20-$25 an hour, depending on the job, and it can be determined once I am contacted and the job is thoroughly explained.
** Also available to work nights, and on long weekends / holidays. **
Kindest regards,

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