Hiring Mover/Driver/Foreman


Job Description
Professional Moving company looking to hire movers/drivers

As a professional mover you will be packing and moving customers’ household or office belongings. The moves do range from a single item to a small apartment to an entire 3-6 bedroom home. Items to be moved can often weigh several hundred pounds. Moves involving stairs are very common. The workday can be long (a ten-hour day or longer is not unusual). These demands require a person with above average strength, stamina, fitness and skill.

Tasks: All movers may be expected to do at least the following:
*Carry heavy items long distances up and down stairs- Baby grand pianos, safes, gym equipment and pool tables are not out of the ordinary.
*Manually hoist heavy items
*Prep (wrap in mover’s pads) furniture and equipment
*Box-pack items such as dishes, books, art, knick-knacks, office supplies,
*Work with basic tools and special equipment
*Drive a straight truck
*Disassemble and re-assemble furniture and equipment
*Interact appropriately with customers

Qualifications: Must have the physical ability & conditioning for labor type work along with strong communication skills and be a team player.
Please email your resume along with your contact information or call 647-990-8853/647-970-8853

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