Report to and take direction from entire management team
Maintain excellent knowledge on venue specific information: location, capacity, table numbers etc.
Responsible for maintaining up to date and excellent product knowledge on all food and beverage menus
Maintain up to date knowledge and accuracy of all POS systems
Responsible for opening duties and setting delegated section up for success
Responsible for the guest experience from start to finish:
Greeting tables in a timely, professional and friendly manner
Make recommendations and inform guests of specials
Ensure all orders are organized and correctly punched in
Practice ongoing table maintenance
Assist with running food and beverage orders to all tables
Ensuring proper payment is taken from tables
Maintain a constant presence on the floor, helping with team service in other sections as needed
Communicating with hosts and bussers to ensure smooth and successful table turnover
To maintain and uphold a positive and inclusive workplace culture for both staff and guests
Complete end of shift duties and side duties
Ensuring compliance with liquor and food safety laws and regulations


When in doubt, over communicate. The best results come from open dialogue and an understanding of how to best engage with colleagues and guests. Your ability to do this is critical to work at D461. If you are unclear or unsure about something, speak up.

Trust + Accountability
Trust is earned, and only works if it is shared throughout the team in the same way. We ask that once you sign on, you assume the understanding that those around you are trusting you and you need to trust them to do their work. We must hold ourselves and each other accountable while also supporting each other for success.

In taking this position, you are expected to have either performed the same or similar role elsewhere. If not, it is expected that you have built experience in ways which will ensure you will still find success. We insist that by signing on, you are accepting the role as it is presented and you are comfortable with the tasks being asked of you. We do not believe in the ‘fake it until you make it’ ideology. Instead, honest dialogue regarding experience is best to be had prior to accepting the role.

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