Fun Tutoring Job With Kids (competitive pay)


VIPKid is an online platform where Chinese students are walked through PPT-style English lessons by North American teachers. Teachers have 100% control over their schedule (no minimum hours/week), get paid competitively in USD (typically around the equivalent of $25-28 CAD/hour), and don’t have to create any lesson plans. All the curriculum is provided – whatever lesson the child happens to be on is the one you teach. Classes are held one-on-one in an online “classroom” where the teacher and student can see each other on webcam, talk, type chat, and draw on the slides. Training is provided for free, and you even get a bonus on your first pay cheque to compensate you for the time.

The Chinese demand for native English-speakers is incredibly high, so qualifications for this position are quite minimal. They are:

-being a native English-speaker with a North American accent (required) -a Bachelor’s degree (in any subject), or currently finishing one (required) -stable internet connection (required) -experience teaching/tutoring/coaching in some capacity (required) -TESOL, TEFL or other teaching/ESL certification (strong asset) -experience with children (strong asset) -it helps if you’re a morning person since there’s a 12 hour time difference

You can apply by following the steps in the referral link below. Be sure to mention all your relevant qualifications in your cover letter.

My referral link:

Once accepted for an interview, you can sign up for a free coaching session here if you wish (to get info and tips for the interview):–fbVPW1Mj0lRVbzvDAbYK-hyV9NEllm3oobdZTQbEESBPZxpNqZcZTmOQjYTY2KhxUaYZ5YMQ&_hsmi=72639818).

If you have any questions or want guidance through the interview process, feel free to use me as a resource as well by replying to this ad by email. I’ve been a VIPKid teacher for 3 years so I know what’s up.