Digital Sales Associate


We are a company in the GTA that does a lot of online sales of various products. We are looking for someone to be part of our sales associates to help us with digital marketing, sales, customer service and similar day to day activities. Typical day to day activities include creating sales listing pages, making pictures and videos of products suitable for posting online to make them attractive to customers, creating feature lists and specification of products for online posting and such other miscellaneous tasks.

We like to give this opportunity for 10 hours per week and can be done from home remotely. While very suitable for students to do it as a part time work but others can apply as well. Should the work quality be satisfactory and meeting our needs, we would like to gradually increase the number of hours per week, as well as hourly rate in the future months.

If interested, please send your resume, explaining any background experience in this kind of work along with work samples or portfolio for review.

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