Day Trader looking for 3 new students to Train and Mentor


What is forex ?

Forex is short for the foreign exchange market.Forex is a market place where various national currencies are traded.Traders seek to profit from fluctuations in the exchange rates between currencies by buying and selling. The Forex market is the largest financial liquid market on earth, that is open 24 hours, 5 days a week. Common question i get is “Can i earn a lot of money fast from forex”, The answer is yes it is very lucrative and you can earn a lot of money from trading but patience and practice is key. People need to realize that before they earn any substantial amount in forex they will need to spend time learning the skill and being patient with the process. Go through failures and challenges.Keep in mind that forex is a skill that will pay you for life.

What i am looking for in a student:
-Must be coachable
-1 hr a day dedicated to learning how to trade
-You Will need $200 to invest in your education

What you will have Access to:
-Live trading calls everyday
-Live technical and analysis calls
-1-on-1’s from mentors as well as myself
-A team of like minded individuals to trade with

How i will make you a self-sufficient trader:
-i will Walk you through all the steps and make sure you understand everything, all questions will be answered
-1-on-1’s with me as well with other 6 figure mentors
-I will give you everything you ned to become a self-sufficient trader

If you are interested in joining the team and learning how to trade please email or msg me (647)-654-2575 and i will be happy to set up a call to talk more about this opportunity. Thanks, Claudio

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