Cleaner (Jane & Wilson)


Duties & Responsibilities:

Clean entrance and exit of building, laundry room (including wipe down washer/dryer) daily Vacuum/wash floors, elevators, hallways, stairs, windows and common rooms, locker/storage, and garbage rooms as required Monitor chutes/compactor of the disposal of garbage and blocks, if applicable Ensure general up keep of building as it must be well-maintained and presentable Sweep basement lobby as required Spot clean walls, partitions and doors to remove finger marks, graffiti and other marks Ensure all cleaning equipment is maintained and store accordingly Additional cleaning duties as required on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and/or assigned by Manager


Two years experience in cleaning Excellent Communication skills Responsible, reliable, and detail-oriented Customer service skills and detail oriented Excellent housekeeping skills Ability to work with cleaning fluids Ability to work and act independently Ability to sit/stand for extended period of time (walk, bend, kneel, etc.)

Please apply by sending an email with your resume to: