Cement finisher/ concrete slabs/ self leveling/ respiration


I’m a cement finisher 5yrs experience in concrete high-rise forming doing slabs/floors
Any builders/sub contractors that are looking for doing pours especially when your in house finishers are busy during the season and want to get jobs poured and finished….
I can provide the man power placing and finishing…. also I can be much an asset for forming companies with deficiencies highs/lows
Taking it down into tolerance (3/8) in order for the self levelers to do there job without being back charged…. if any company is Interested give me a call or a msg…
Basement pours garages
Patios porches steps
Broom finish
Polished finish
Grinding concrete
Parging concrete( fixing cracks foundations walls)
Stone work (interlocking, flagstone,ect)

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