Casting Call Audition for an Elon Musk Impersonator (Toronto)


We are seeking a talented actor to portray Elon Musk in a 5-minute comedy skit for the Toronto Tech Mixer event on Wednesday, May 10th, 2023, from 6pm-9pm. It is at an office at 255 Front ST W. The event will have 150 attendees and will include food and drink.

The skit will be a reenactment of the infamous BBC interview where Elon Musk dominated the interviewer in a heated debate. The scene will include a surprise guest announcement, a music cue, and a dramatic finish where Elon slams the interviewer into a foldable table, breaking it. No prior stunt experience or physical strength is required as it is mainly play-acting for theatrical effect. An example table slam is this video.

The actor playing the interviewer is already onboard and is a very physically fit person who has agreed to participate in the table slamming scene.

You will show up, I will have you in a prep room with my assistant, they will cue you on stage, and then you can leave afterwards or hang out and eat some pizza/beer. People in the audience will be cheering and laughing throughout as you are a surprise guest entertainment for the night.

The pay rate for this gig is $150CAD for the 5-minute performance.

Submission Format
Self Tape, 60 seconds max, record in landscape
SLATE – name, height
Also attach a full body portrait shot

Sample Lines below
“Thank you for everyone who purchased my flamethrower”
“I know a lot of people like weed but it’s kind of a like a cup of coffee in reverse” YouTube
“Buying Twitter was the best investment decision I made. Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in.”
“Who’s to say Twitter has misinformation.. Who’s the arbiter of that? BBC? One’s persons misinformation is another person’s information”’

“BBC publishes things that are false. Do you agree that has occurred?
“What hate speech are you talking about? Do you use Twitter? Do you see a rise in hate speech? I don’t”
“You claim that Twitter has caused a rise in hate speech but when I ask you for an example, you can’t even provide one example. That’s false. YOU JUST LIED”
“Has BBC changed its covid misinformation?”

Please send self tape and photo to email by May 2nd, 2023, by 5pm.

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