AZ DRIVERS, Flatbed Drivers, Roll Tites


Are you a Cross Border Company Driver?
Are you making less then $7000.00 Per month?
Do you have 2 Years experiance Crossing the border?

If you are, you need to call me.
Start working for yourself, and not someone els.
If you are a company driver, You need to call me.
Do the same work, get paid more by owning yor own truck.


We pay Empty or Loaded (practical miles)
Guaranteed 11,500 Miles for Singles
Insurance is paid 100%
Plates are paid 100%
Tolls and bridges are paid 100%
Flatbed and repairs are paid 100%
Equipment is provided by company (Tarps, Straps,
Chains, Coil bunks
Group benifits Dental, Drug and much more

Call me for an interview, and you will never work as a company driver Again.

CALL: 905-669-0481 X233
TEXT 647- 293- 0101


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