99% average tutor | med | math • bio • chem • physics


4.0 A+ GPA (99th percentile)
100 in Advanced Functions AP
99 in Calculus AP
99 enriched Biology, 98 enriched Physics, and 98 enriched Chemistry
Completion in specialized math and science program; 4 merit based awards in math, chemistry and physics, an Ontario scholar.
MCAT: 522, 131/131/131/129 (99th percentile, 131 in CARS)
I am a Canadian medical student (MD ipr) and a University of Toronto graduate (laboratory medicine and pathobiology & molecular genetics).
I am a MD candidate and an instructor of six years, having worked with 200+ students one-on-one and in small groups focusing on standardized tests (SAT, AP) and exam preparations (any math or science discipline at primary, secondary, and first year undergraduate level), as well as familiarizing students with academic and extracurricular opportunities, university applications and professional development. (Up to 11+ students per week; ages 5-35+). I also deliver eight-hour seminars to groups of 100-250 students at UofT in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I create all course content and lesson plans including content review, exam strategies, sample exam questions & solutions (100 to 200-page booklets). Typically, only instructors with completed graduate degrees are selected.
In each session, I offer a package of tactfully designed worksheets, sample test questions, and practice material targeted for enhanced understanding. I also supply textbooks for upper year math and science courses concurrent with the Ontario curriculum.
Enriched content available for the following courses:
(Assistance with ILC and Virtual Highschool courses are available)
Math: MPM1D, MPM2D, Functions, Advanced Functions, Calculus: MHF4U, MCV4U, MCR3U,
Grade 9/10 Science: SNC1D, SNC2D
Physics 11/12: SPH3U/4U, PHY131
Chemistry 11/12: SCH3U/4U
Biology 11/12: SBI3U/4U
University Level: While UofT specific course codes are listed below, an array of equivalent courses at other institutions are applicable.
Calculus I MAT 135, Calculus II MAT 136
BIO120 [Adaptation and Biodiversity], BIO130 [Cell and Systems Biology]
CHM138 [Introductory Organic Chemistry I], CHM139 [Chemistry: Physical Principles], CHM151
PHY131 [Introduction to Physics I], PHY132 Introduction to Physics II]
College Level: Ex. Durham College
BIOL-1301-01 – BIOLOGY I
Rates: In lieu of my usual $100-120/h in-person rate, I am offering e-learning sessions at $80 per hour, via Skype (tablet and stylus screen sharing) or an alternative online platform if that is your preference.
Payment procedure: for all first-time clients, I ask that 50% of the fees are paid (via etransfer or PayPal) at the start of the first session. For all future sessions, after we have built a connection, payment can be made after the session.

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