Gravel Haul Tender


Tenders are being accepted for loading, hauling and spreading approximately 10,000 – 12,000yds3 of crushed gravel during the 2019 season. Gravel will be obtained from the pit located SE 31-9-12 W3M.

All tenders must include: • Gravel and Pit Run (Rock) Haul Rate ($/yd3/mile) • Loading rates for Gravel and Pit Run ($/yds3) • Differing rates to haul to ratepayers; minimum charges; surcharges; and/or mobilization charges. • Start and Completion dates The selected contractor will be required to carry a minimum of $2,000,000 in liability insurance, and have Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Coverage.

The Municipality reserves the right to reject any or all tenders, and the lowest tender will not necessarily be accepted. For further information contact: RM office at 306-264-3277 or E-mail: RM of Pinto Creek NO. 75 Box 239 Kincaid, SK S0H 2J0 DEADLINE TO SUBMIT TENDERS IS 9:00 AM LOCAL TIME, MONDAY, APRIL 1, 2019.