Natural Herbs Green Cream , including THC and CBD


I have developed a cannabis and natural herb base cream. Used for pain and Inflammation , with proven results. Here is the list of use of the cream as follows, plus many more. *Rheumatoid Arthritis * Sciatic Pain *Knee and Joint Pain *Headache and Neck Pain and Stress * Swelling and Inflammation * Injury to Muscles, Ligaments,Tendons and Bruises *Insect Stings and Bites *Sunburns and Burns *Use on Poison Ivy, Poison Oak *Hives and Shingles *Hemorrhoids * Ear Aches * Relief and Healing of Skin Conditions and Wounds *Promotes good sleep and relaxation The following herbs are combined in an organic coconut oil base. *Eucalyptus *Peppermint *Cannabis (CBD & THC, Bud and Leaves *Solomon’s Seal *Comfrey *Lemongrass *Juniper Berries *Jewel weed *Plantain *St.Johns Wort *Curcumin *Cream is also been used on pets skin condition and hot spot. Cream is to be applied to area in need 2 to 4 times a day , depending on the pain and condition. All ingredients are to fight inflammation and aid in pain relief. Prices are , 125 ml $45.00 250 ml $85.00