As Warehouse Supervisor, you work closely with the manager to ensure stock is maintained at a level which ensures availability to customers, while keeping excess to a minimum. Your superior organizational and time management skills mean that your warehouse is functional, tidy, and maintained constantly. With outstanding customer service skills and a professional manner, customers are happy to see you in the drive-thru, and are confident that you and the warehouse personnel load their orders correctly and with care. You are a responsible and dependable self-starter who takes pride in a job well done.

Warehouse Supervisor Skills 1. Must have outstanding customer service/people skills 2. Good spatial comprehension—utilizes storage areas well 3. Excellent time management skills; able to prioritize tasks 4. Able to understand and follow all government regulations concerning handling, storage, tracking and disposal with specific attention to detail for CFIA and Chemical storage protocols. 5. Takes precautions to minimize damage. 6. Either has or is able to acquire any training certificates as required by law for the position. 7. Must have a valid Driver’s License 8. Works well independently or as part of a small team 9. Adjusts well to fast paced, high volume environment (busy season) and keeps busy during slower season. 10. Lifting requirement: Up to 25-50kg. Heavy lifting often, 2/3’s of the day on average. 11. *Knowledge of livestock and feed and/or garden and lawn products would be a serious asset! 12. **FORKLIFT TICKET A SERIOUS ASSET!

Job Details 1. Assist the manager in the ordering of all feed items 2. Develops a warehouse plan that accommodates the seasonal nature of our business. 3. Follows the FIFO(first in first out ) method of storage and product rotation to minimize out-of-date items. 4. Checks all expiry dates on items to ensure a sufficient window of time to sell them. 5. Submits invoices immediately to manager to be inputted and priced. 6. Loads each vehicle with great care. Placing items in the vehicles as opposed to throwing them. 7. Ensures the customer receives the product they have paid for and signs the receipt. 8. Handles all customer inquiries and complaints with respect and urgency. 9. Notifies the in-store staff BEFORE things are out of stock. 10. Maintains an attractive appearance of interior and exterior of warehouse, ensuring cleanliness: no garbage, spilled feed, etc. 11. Provides a safe and clean work environment for all employees within the warehouse, as well as helping ensure that staff follow store procedure and policy.

OTHER 1. Assists in the store as required (such as helping restock heavier items, etc) 2. Takes inventory as per schedule (full store usually 1x per year, bagged feed every 4 weeks) 3. Help with Seasonal Snow Clearing. 4. Other duties as assigned by or in collaboration with the Manager.

We thank all those who apply, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.