Looking for a side income while you study or work other jobs? Jobs that pay cash is where you want to be looking! Opportunities are currently available for full time as well as part time day drivers. Wondering what driving a taxi entails? Here’s a sneak peek: You get picked up at the start of your shift and then you pull into any of the taxi stands in the city. The dispatcher gives out jobs over the radio so you simply wait till it’s your turn. Feel free to watch that movie, read, apply for that job or prepare for that test while you wait. Now it’s your turn. Get the job, drive to the customer’s address, pick them off and then take them where they need to go. They pay you and off you go to the closest taxi stand where you wait for the next job or if you are lucky, you get flagged down on the way to the stand. If you desire, drive into the airport when the flights come in and pick up customers. Some of these guys go downtown, Mt. Pearl, Paradise, CBS or if you get lucky, you get a job to Clarenville or Gander and make up to $600 from one job. Who knows? And the next time you park on the stand, simply pick off what you were doing the last time. That’s pretty much all you do all day and yet your pocket (or money book) is increasing after each job. I think what makes taxi so much fun is the flexibility it offers you to do other stuffs that you like while waiting. And don’t forget, you get paid cash so you can choose to keep all you earn. Here’s all you need to start earning CASH as a taxi driver: *Class 4 license (get that at Motor Registration. A defensive driving course is now REQUIRED if you are getting a class 4 for the first time. You can get that done at Young Drivers or Safety Services NL. But don’t let that discourage you – you’d have the money made back in less than a week of driving!) *Driver’s abstract (also get that instantly at Motor Registration) *First Aid Certificate (I can provide more details on how to get that easily) *Criminal record check (get that at RNC office in a week or you can get it within 24 hrs at either Provincial Investigative Services or Commissionaires. Look them up online) Start now by replying this ad or contact us at You can also call or send an sms to (709) 770-7597