Unlimited Dental Hygiene Care


Offering a full dental hygiene treatment for $50!
Every service we can provide in the Sask Polytechnic hygiene department that fits your care needs after a full periodontal assessment.
Treatment examples such as: hand and ultrasonic scaling, cancer screenings, polishing, fluoride varnish, education sessions, sealants, and even up to 18 x-rays if needed. Referrals to periodontist and dentist are optional but available.
Appointments begin in September 2022 and there are a limited amount of seats.
As many hygiene appointments as needed to complete your specific care plan for only $50!
Kids and adults of any age (even toddlers) welcome and encouraged.
Contact on Kayle Ratti on Kijiji or email ratti9670@saskpolytech.ca for more information.
If you would like to book directly with Sask Polytechnic in Regina, call and ask to schedule with Kayle Ratti in Year 2.

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