Personal Assistants


I am keen on purchasing several companies in the next 12 months, starting from July. I’m looking to build a team to assist me in running them in a supervisory capacity; they come with management in place. I’m leaning towards management firms for this role. However, I need a family of personal assistants to help me further, as I don’t want work to takeover my life. So, I am looking for prospective personal assistants to help me in diverse professional and personal roles.

Professionally, I need you to have demonstrated experience processing financial statements of corporate firms. I need you to be able to read and interpret the books of corporate companies, and prepare financial statements. Part of your duties will include assisting me with routine personal matters such as mortgage/housing issues, issues pertaining to automobiles, etc. So, I need you to have demonstrated ability to manage typical routines of regular living. You won’t run personal errands for me. I need help in these routine personal functions because I love simple life: I hate having to deal with car issues, house/mortgage, etc. On my own, I would never indulge in these (because I won’t own them).

As I am simple, I need you to be simple too. You must have a pleasant demeanor. I mean pleasantness that is authentic, not one you are compelled to espouse because of the demands of your job or profession. I’m looking for friends, not just people to be bound by legal contract.

I want ONLY females, they could be of any race. After reviewing your resume, if I find you professionally competent, that is, you can read, interpret and prepare financial statements, we will meet in person. During our meeting, we will discuss your professional competence and I will throw more light on my opportunity. If we vibe, if I feel relaxed around you, I will very likely engage you when I have made the acquisitions. I will not engage you solely because you are professionally competent, I must be relaxed around you. This is fair: you need to be relaxed with a friend.

I plan to keep my prospective hires for the long-term. I cannot do this unless we are friends. My business pursuits will very likely make life incredibly hectic for me, I am looking for pleasant people to help keep it simple (as it is now) by handling routine professional and personal functions for me, while I handle the strategic professional, and private personal matters.

I want youth, ONLY under 30. I don’t need decades of experience. The younger you are the better if you can process corporate financial statements. If you have such competence at 20, or 19, please be my guest (if you are genuinely pleasant). I’m still a youth, though my simplicity belies youth, making me come across like a senior even to myself sometimes. I’m too simple I could thrive in a wilderness (if it has the basic provisions of food, shelter, and clothing). You get the picture.

We live in times when everyone is up in arms over any and all kinds of issues. Please confine all belligerence, complications and complexities (from dramas, baggage, politics, etc) to yourself (unless I prompt you) and come to me with your simple pleasant childlike nature (like myself) intrinsic to any human.

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